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Bringing an End to Abortion

Assorted Reasons & Means to Actively Pursue an Abortion-Free Future


Education Before Legislation

It's unlikely that the law will change, until lots of minds change.

The more someone knows about abortion, the less likely they are to have or recommend one–which is why Abort73 puts so much energy into educating people about abortion. We'd love to see the law change, but minds have to change first.

Marketing Past the Stereotypes

Change is possible, but it takes creativity to get past the baggage.

There are two primary obstacles to making the case against abortion. The first is financial; the second is ideological. Whereas the abortion industry has a built in cash cow, abortion opponents must stretch their marketing dollar. Add to that the negative stereotypes that are often attached to "anti-choicers," and the task at hand becomes a challenging one.

10 Ways to Promote Abort73

Simple ways to introduce those around you to Abort73.com.

There are all sorts of ways for groups and individuals to help Abort73 expand our reach. The lists below are a good place to start.

Attn: Student Pastors

Make Abort73 part of your ministry.

Abort73 helps youth pastors be a more effective witness against abortion, and youth pastors help Abort73 more effectively reach students in their community.

The Abort73 Campus Blitz

One week to change the way your college or university thinks about abortion.

For student groups looking for a more focused way to get a whole campus of students to visit Abort73.com, this is for you: a week of strategic, cross-platform promotion.

How Will We Care for the “Extra” Children?

If abortion were outlawed, what would the social ramifications be?

Though a significant cultural reordering would need to take place in a post-abortion society, there is no reason to believe that the social costs of abolishing abortion are insurmountable. Where there's a will, there's a way.

What About Illegal Abortions?

If abortion is outlawed, will thousands of women die in the "back alley"?

Some justify abortion on the claim that if it is outlawed, women will abort anyway and may die in the process. There are three problems with this hypothesis. First, it doesn't address the ethics of abortion. Second, laws against abortion would deter most women from having one. Third, there is no evidence that illegal abortions are more dangerous than legal abortions.

Punishing Illegal Abortion

If abortion is murder, should aborting women be tried as murderers?

Should abortion be outlawed in the future, the question of appropriate criminal punishment becomes a fairly difficult one. Though a satisfactory answer can be hard to come by, there are both philosophic and pragmatic reasons for granting the aborting mother immunity.

Is Abortion Ever Justified?

A moral examination of the "life of the mother" exception.

If continued pregnancy threatens the life of the mother, and there is no way to save the child, an ethical case can be made for the justifiability of abortion—whether you want to call it abortion or not.

A Biblical Mandate to Do Something About Abortion

Meeting the physical needs of the "least of these" among us is not merely optional.

This document exists for two reasons: to convince more of God’s people to enter the active defense of abortion-vulnerable children and to help those already making a defense to be more biblical.

Biblical Morality

Disinterested detachment does not fulfill the Great Commandment.

When God prohibits murder, he is commending its opposite: love. Not participating in abortion is only half of the equation. Love demands more. What are you doing to love the women who are contemplating abortion and to love the children whose lives are threatened by it?

Answering Common Objections to Involvement

A look at some of the reasons Christians give for not getting involved.

These nine objections reflect the legitimate concerns of many in the church who fear the socialization or politicization of the gospel. Our responses aim at answering these concerns, so as to demonstrate why actively opposing abortion is both biblically appropriate and necessary.

Would Jesus Show Graphic Abortion Pictures?

More specifically, should Christians display such pictures?

Though people on both sides of the abortion debate are generally united in their distaste for bloody abortion photos, there is a significant divide over the morality of using those pictures as a means of public education. If the great command is to love God and love people, is it possible to love someone while showing them a picture that may make them very upset?

Get Help

If you’re pregnant and contemplating abortion, what a mercy that you’ve found this website! Abortion is not the answer—no matter what anyone is telling you.

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