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Israel’s Antisemitic Abortion Policy

Dec 01, 2023 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Abortion Arguments

“Do not make yourselves unclean by any of these things, for by all these the nations I am driving out before you have become unclean.” That’s the message the Lord spoke to Moses at the conclusion of Leviticus 18, as Israel was being ushered into the promised land—a land they are still trying desperately to hold and defend. “But you shall keep my statutes and my rules and do none of these abominations, either the native or the stranger who sojourns among you, lest the land vomit you out when you make it unclean, as it vomited out the nation that was before you.” 

Isn’t it interesting that the warning to Israel wasn’t that God would banish them if they made the land unclean but that the land itself would retch them out. There’s a harmony, apparently, to the created order such that even “mindless” soil cannot stomach moral rebellion. The secular mind may have no categories for such thinking, but the more you analyze the life trajectory of those who keep God’s statutes and those who don’t, the more you realize they’re not random restrictions on fun. They’re protections…

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Fighting Abortion Has Never Been a “Winning” Issue. So What?!

Nov 16, 2023 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Abortion in the News

I find myself in frequent agreement with Alex Berenson—the former Times reporter who was permanently banned by Twitter for spreading COVID-19 misinformation. Specifically, he made the audacious claim that COVID vaccines do not stop transmission. It was a shocking assertion, but also true. Berenson’s lawsuit against Twitter ended in a settlement, in which his account was reinstated, almost a year later, and Twitter admitted his posts should never have been taken down in the first place. Berenson’s lawsuit against President Biden—for pressuring Twitter to remove his account—is still pending. And though Berenson has no love lost for the commander in chief, he thinks even less of his predecessor. Berenson has called Biden “a terrible president” (“the [worst] since at least Herbert Hoover”), but he calls Donald Trump “a terrible man and a danger to the United States.” 

There’s nothing unusual about an irrational hatred for Donald Trump, but Berenson’s is a unique breed. He…

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Is the ACLU Trying to Legalize Child Prostitution?!!

Sep 18, 2023 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Abortion in the News

Last month I posted an article that raised some eyebrows—“Abortion is Gay.” Why would I say something so offensive and combative, especially after 20 years of leaving these issues almost entirely compartmentalized? That, of course, is what the article sets out to explain. Read or listen to it for the rationale, but here’s the gist. Homosexuality and abortion are fruit of the same tree. Two sides of the same coin. How? They each reject the most fundamental human equation. Namely, man + woman = baby. Homosexuality—and all its alphabetical compatriots—rejects the first half of the equation. Abortion rejects the second. Separate issues with a common result. The elimination of procreation. 

As expected, my conflation of abortion and homosexuality elicited some pushback. I lose moral credibility, it was asserted, when I suggest there’s anything wrong with being gay. I should stick to the issue of abortion. But then someone pointed out that though “our side” sees these as separate issues,…

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Abortion is Gay

Aug 09, 2023 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Abortion Arguments

It’s strange what we remember from childhood. Like going to Uncle Tom’s Toys, seeing a less-than-stellar plaything for sale, and derisively declaring, “That’s gay.” I suppose it was my mom’s response that turned this otherwise mundane event into a memory. Taken aback by my comment, she asked what I meant. This was before I had any real knowledge of homosexuality, but I did know that in the vernacular, “gay” meant lame, or stupid. It was an insult. And so I casually applied it to a toy that was—well—lame. I don’t remember my mom’s exact response or even the toy in question, but she rightly pointed out the impolitic of my assertion. That, after all, has been the official position of polite society for my whole life. Don’t call something gay; it’s offensive. But if we fast forward four decades—to June of 2021—we find the NFL doing precisely that. They released a video, in fact, brazenly declaring that “Football is Gay”—which strikes…

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A Biblical Case for Lavish Spending (and Adoption)

May 30, 2023 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Miscellaneous

For the first 20 years of my adult life, I didn’t give enough thought to making money. That was a mistake, disguised as a virtue, and it hurt my family in ways that are difficult to overcome. The irony, of course, is that one of the surest means of turning money into an idol is to not make enough of it. Because it’s not money that’s the problem. It’s the hoarding of money—and that can be as much a temptation for the poor as the rich. Maybe even more so. I’m not claiming to be poor, not by a long shot, but I have created problems for my family by not making enough money. Actually, that’s not quite the issue. I’ve created problems for my family by not spending enough money. I’ve always thought saving to be a virtue and spending to be a vice, but I may have gotten that backwards. And I haven’t proved at all adept at saving anyway. To the one who has, more will be given. But from the one who has not, even what he has will be taken away. Or, to borrow a line from the estimable Leia Organa: The more you tighten your grip, the more will slip through your fingers—be it money or star systems. 

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Comics Who Kill Have Noticed Something About Abortion

Apr 26, 2023 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Miscellaneous

Bill Burr put together a Netflix comedy special last year called Friends Who Kill. I haven’t seen it. Based on reviews, I probably won’t. But the name still got my attention. Friends who kill. I don’t think Burr is claiming to be intimate with murderers or hit men. No, these are friends who kill in the comedic sense. They slay audiences by making them laugh—which, in general, is a good thing. Here’s another good thing. A growing number of comedians who kill are recognizing that abortion does the same. Kills, that is—and not in the metaphorical sense. Abortion is a straight-up slayer. Literally and objectively.

As topics of conversation go, few things are less funny than abortion. If you’ve been exposed at any real length to pictures of abortion victims or heard testimony from the countless mothers who’ve had their souls crushed by regret, there isn’t much to laugh at. But perhaps there’s even more danger in not laughing at abortion. Abortion, after all, is a sacred cow of the…

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