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Abortion story #755

He was a one-night stand; I had no feelings for him. We are young, dumb, and in college. I’ve been on birth control for two years and had an IUD in before that and never had any issues—just living my young and reckless life. I was having fun one night with my friends and went over to one of their apartments. I knew all the boys who lived there and just “rallied” with them as it was the first week back to college and in our new apartments. We were hanging out, and one of the boys (let’s call him JJ) invites me up to his room. I was quite familiar with JJ. He dates one of my old friends, sent me a few late night texts throughout the summer, and I knew about his excessive drug and alcohol use. JJ and I hung out that night. He made a move, and I didn’t stop it. We didn’t get far, but the next night we went all the way. I never was really one to hook up, but in the moment I couldn’t find a reason to say no. We didn’t really talk much after. I’d go over to his place to hang out with our mutual friends. We’d laugh and have a few-word conversation, but nothing more than before we hooked up. I watched him bring multiple girls in and out and it never bothered me. I had no attachment to him. The weeks went by and the signs started to sprout. I put on a few pounds, which I thought was just college fat. I was constantly queasy and didn’t get my period. Instantly, all my closest friends knew. Just how I looked and acted, they knew. I made an appointment to see a local OB/GYN for the upcoming Monday. The weekend felt long and I wasn’t worried because I really doubted it could happen to me. I’m on the pill; I can’t get pregnant. Boy was I wrong. I was taken back, pee and blood tested, and from the pee test they knew I was pregnant. They did an ultrasound, and I was just in disbelief. I was mortified, and hungry at the same time, and I felt like everything I was doing for myself was crashing and burning. I knew I had to tell JJ. I talked to my two best friends, and they hid in a nearby room in case he didn’t take the news well... Click here to read the rest.

  • Age: 19
  • Location: Arizona, USA
  • Date Submitted: October 1, 2019

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