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Abort73 is working to protect women and children from the violence of abortion.
We do that through education and peer-to-peer engagement.

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The case against abortion is broad and deep. It starts here:

Medical Testimony Prenatal Development Rights of Personhood Abortion Procedures
Abortion Pictures The Role of Law Competing Rights Common Abortion Fallacies
Inconsequential Differences Systematic Dehumanization A Future Lost The Uncertainty Principle

Peer-to-Peer Engagement

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Abortion story #758

I had an abortion for many reasons—justifications, I now feel. I was 18 and had a few months of high school still left. My boyfriend and I felt like we were in love with each other, but we'd only been together three months. Once I was pregnant and knew how scared he was, I questioned inwardly whether he'd stick around if I kept the baby, and was too insecure to ask him about that option. I said from the beginning that I wanted to abort, and he only ever said he would do whatever I wanted to. I let myself believe that meant he really loved me, but really, I can admit that he hoped I'd follow through on killing it—and that he was trying to make it look like he supported me. But in actuality, I'll never know if he would have stepped up to be a father, because I never felt brave enough to discuss the option with him. We stayed together for almost two years following the abortion, but like most post-abortive couples—and most high school couples, too—we did not last, despite all the love we'd thought we had. I had the abortion to save our relationship, our future, and my body. None of those things came out unscathed in the end. Abortion has proven over the last 12 years to have not been the answer to my unwanted pregnancy... Click here to read the rest.

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