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Attn: Student Pastors

Make Abort73 part of your ministry.

Attn: Student Pastors

Make Abort73 part of your ministry.


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Abort73 helps youth pastors be a more effective witness against abortion, and youth pastors help Abort73 more effectively reach students in their community.

Christian teens can be just as confused and misinformed about abortion as their secular peers (as evidenced by the abortion rate in the church). Like King David’s murder of Uriah, abortion has become an all-too-convenient way to cover up sexual sin. By partnering with Abort73, not only does your group gain a better understanding of abortion, but you’ll also be more equipped to be a loving and courageous witness against abortion in your community.



If you've never taught on abortion before or aren't sure how to frame your presentation, these resources are a great place to start.


Another great teaching-prep is to simply listen to how other pastors have taught on abortion in the past. We recommend John Piper or Mark Driscoll. You'll find more than 20 abortion-related sermons on the Desiring God website. The Mars Hill collection isn't as vast, but it's still a great resource. Mark's message from Luke 1:39-45 is titled "Mary & Elizabeth," but it's almost all about abortion.


Full-resolution versions of all the Abort73 videos can be downloaded for presentation purposes. Our 2-minute and 5-minute Overview of Abortion videos may be the most helpful for quickly communicating some of the most foundational facts concerning abortion. They are available in 2 versions, one which graphically depicts what abortion actually does to tiny human beings and one in which the graphic imagery is masked.

Download full version (2-minutes) | Download pixelized version (2-minutes)

Download full version (5-minutes) | Download pixelized version (5-minutes

The Case Against Abortion: Medical Testimony and Prenatal Development are also great for group presentations.


These booklets are another helpful resource for demonstrating why the injustice of abortion is something that God's people should be actively opposing. They can be purchased in bulk to give away to your students or be read online. 

Click here to read A Biblical Mandate online | Click here to buy


Depending on your location, budget and media capabilities, this can be done in person or via live video feed. We can do either. Contact us at info@abort73.com to inquire.


Put an Abort73 poster in your office or meeting room

Abort73 posters look great and work great. Put one up as a way to help keep your students aware of the ongoing need to be a witnes against abortion – and as an introduction to Abort73.

Keep Abort73 pens on hand for your students

It seems that students regularly end up at church events without a pen in hand. Why not keep some Abort73 pens around for those students who show up empty handed?

Abort73 Pens

Make a group T-shirt order

Making online, credit card purchases isn't possible for some students. Putting a group order together is a way around that constraint – while also cutting down on the cost of shipping and the cost of each shirt (save up to 30% on bulk orders). If you're going to set aside some time to introduce your students to Abort73 anyway, that would be a great time to initiate a group order. Give them a couple weeks to choose a shirt and bring in their money, and then place the order all at once – online or through the mail.

Order Abort73 shirts online | Order Abort73 shirts through the mail

Do a Group Fundraiser

Car washes, yard sales, bake sales, benefit concerts, pancake breakfasts, can and bottle drives: the list goes on and on. There are all sorts of ways that students can raise money for worthy causes in their community. An Abort73 fundraiser would be a great way to get your students more practically involved combatting abortion by supporting Abort73.

Give regular, monthly support

If you take an offering from your students, perhaps you could designate a portion of those funds to go towards the regular support of Abort73. If you don't take an offering, you could still invite your students to commit to regular giving towards Abort73. Either way, we would be hugely blessed (and so would you!).

Sponsor/Host an Abort73 Booth at an area Music Festival

Christian music festivals provide Abort73 with a great opportunity to reach thousands of students at the same time – introducing them to the work and ministry of Abort73. More and more, we're "outsourcing" our festival participation. We provide the materials, your group provides the exhibit fee and volunteers. It allows us to do a lot more festivals and allows your group to play a huge role in moving the message forward. Think of it as a summer camp with a HUGE outreach/service component. Email info@abort73.com if you're interested.

Abort73 Event Schedule


LOVE THE LEAST is a one-of-a-kind evening of worship and education that gives students a more biblically-informed understanding of abortion while also introducing them to the work and ministry of Abort73.com. If you're interested in bringing LOVE THE LEAST to your area, you must be able to provide a venue with seating for at least 500-1,000 people (with modern audio/vido capabilities), be willing to help raise the funds necessary to transport our equipment and our team (which may include a need for housing) and help promote the event amongst local student ministries. Hosting a LOVE THE LEAST event provides tremendous involvement opportunities for Christian students who want to be stretched by God and used by Him in the service of dying, unborn children.

Visit lovetheleast.com to learn more

Orchestrate a local distribution of Abort73 pens, cards or frisbees.

At the beach or park, outside a mall or high school: find a public place where students congregate and put some Abort73 materials in their hands. It could go a long way towards informing their understanding of abortion and might also open up some relational doors for introducing them to your church fellowship.

Abort73 Pens | Abort73 Promo Cards | Abort73 Flying Discs

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