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The Case Against Abortion: Prenatal Development

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Abortion, at any and every stage of pregnancy, kills a rapidly developing, genetically-distinct human being.

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Video Text/Dialogue:

At what point does it become wrong to intentionally destroy a developing human being?

Heart Beat?
Brain Waves?
Capacity for Pain?

In 2003, 66% of Americans thought abortion should be legal in the first trimester. 10% thought it should be legal in the third trimester.

Why the discrepancy?
Because a third trimester abortion kills a baby,
and a first trimester abortion kills a bunch of cells.
Or does it?

This is a copy of Lennart Nilsson's A Child is Born.
Life Magazine calls him... "the world's greatest scientific photographer."
This is a picture he took of a human embryo 28 days after conception.
This one was taken 39 days after conception.
This is 46 days from conception.

This picture from the Nilsson website shows a 7-week embryo.

Nucleus Media creates award-winning medical illustrations.
This is their illustration of a 9-week fetus.
This is what a developing human being looks like at the end of the first trimester.

On the outside chance that you still see first-trimester embryos and fetuses as shapeless, clumps of tissue, consider The Biology of Prenatal Development.

Or simply visit www.ehd.org.

9-week fetuses can suck their thumb and turn somersaults.
7-week embryos exhibit distinct limb movements.
6-week embryos have measurable brain impulses.
3-week embryos have a beating heart. They may not look like a baby yet, but they look exactly as human beings should look, 21 days after conception.

"In the hours of conception every aspect of the genetic inheritance for a new individual will be determined once and for all... So begins the first day of the first nine months of life."

Abortion, at any and every stage of pregnancy, kills a rapidly developing, genetically-distinct human being.


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