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Planned Parenthood or Planned Abortion?


Apr 09, 2024 / By: Michael Spielman
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Planned Parenthood is a brilliantly duplicitous name. Because what is the plan for virtually everyone who enters America’s premier abortion destination? The plan, of course, is to avoid parenthood—through birth control or abortion. Usually both. And both are inherently anti-parenthood. Planned Parenthood may bristle at being called “Big Abortion,” but guess whose website comes up when you type in BigAbortion.com? That would be the corporation that destroys parenthood under the banner of Parenthood. Planned Barren-hood would be more appropriate, though I doubt it would sell so well. For the most unscrupulous marketers, it’s never about selling reality.

Margaret Sanger, the woman who founded the organization that became Planned Parenthood, hated the name—but by the time the American Birth Control League was rebranded as such, she no longer had a controlling interest. Following Sanger’s death in 1966, Planned Parenthood—helmed at the time by an old white dude (who also served as vice president of the American Eugenics Society)—further stepped on Sanger’s legacy by rescinding two of her foundational policies. They were: 1) Birth control could only be offered to married women, and 2) Abortion could only be offered to no one. In relatively short order, Alan Guttmacher transformed Sanger’s beloved birth control league into the largest abortion business in America. Their market share increases year after year after year.

It’s hard to imagine a more shameless example of ideological capitulation than Planned Parenthood’s—an organization explicitly founded to eliminate abortion. Their despotic reversal is something akin to starting a charity to prevent opioid addiction but then morphing it into the largest pill mill on the planet. Margaret Sanger believed birth control would eliminate abortion. But in the hands of single women, it became more like a gateway drug. A remedy worse than the disease. Simply put, parenthood hasn’t been Planned Parenthood’s plan for at least half a century—assuming it ever was. The plan now, as confirmed by Abby Johnson, is more and more abortions. That’s where the money is. Planned Abortion, if you will. 

Twenty five years ago, I had the notion to build an abortion-neutral website. It would look just like an abortion-clinic site, but would explain abortion in intricate detail—without giving way to ethical commentary or moral conclusions. Both would be superfluous, I thought, so long as accurate abortion information was provided. Because once someone realizes that abortion does in fact end the life of an innocent human being, isn’t there but one conclusion to be drawn? That concept actually predated Abort73, but its implementation never came to fruition. Abort73 emerged instead, and I trust that was the right decision. It was and is an anti-abortion bulwark. But then something wonderful and unexpected happened. Roe v Wade, the dread 1973 verdict that read abortion into the Constitution—and gave Abort73 its name—was finally kicked to the curb. It took only 49 years. And though Abort73 has always focused more on education than legislation, there’s no denying that baked into our very name was the desire to see that 1973 verdict aborted. And then it was! So, now what?

Navigating the post-Roe landscape has been difficult for all of us, for reasons that have nothing to do with abortion. But those who shill for abortion, including the President of the United States, are quick to blame the fall of Roe for all manner of societal ills. “Donald Trump killed Roe v. Wade,” President Biden recently quipped, “And he’s responsible for the chaos that has followed.” Never mind that the chaos which has followed Roe has nothing to do with Roe. Unfortunate timing, more like. But the fact that it has coincided with this perfect storm of global and domestic policy failures makes it a convenient scapegoat for an administration desperate to turn attention away from a dizzying string of fiascos. To some extent, their misdirect is working. 

The essential ethics of abortion have nothing to do with IVF restrictions or potentially fatal pregnancy complications, but that has been the exclusive focus of the abortion regime. Rather than defend abortion in the main, the abortion lobby drums up fear on the fringes. You won’t be able to get fertility treatment! You’ll be left on your own after a miscarriage! You’ll be denied a life-saving abortion (assuming there is such a thing)! By focusing on everything except a straightforward, run-of-the-mill abortion, they thereby demonstrate just how untenable the ethical case for abortion actually is. At his State of the Union address last month, President Biden turned a Texas mother of three into a political prop with the following claim: 

Joining us tonight is Kate Cox, a wife and mother from Dallas. She’d become pregnant again and had a fetus with a fatal condition. Her doctor told Kate that her own life and her ability to have children in the future were at risk if she didn’t act. Because Texas law banned her ability to act, Kate and her husband had to leave the state to get what she needed.

Not surprisingly, President Biden is unwilling to call Kate Cox’s aborted daughter a baby, but notice that he won’t even speak the word abortion. Perhaps it’s beneath his dignity as a good Catholic, or perhaps he simply missed Planned Parenthood’s memo that “Abortion isn’t a dirty word!” Either way, I'll simply point out that Texas did not ban “the ability to act” nor the right to “get what [is] needed.” No, Texas banned abortion, but made allowance for life-threatening complications. Why, then, wasn’t Kate Cox granted the abortion her doctor said she needed? Because both the threat posed by her daughter’s condition and the threat posed by continued pregnancy were exaggerated. Trisomy 18 was the “fatal condition” Cox’s daughter was diagnosed with—18 weeks into pregnancy. Statistically, half of all babies so afflicted will be stillborn. Of those, only 5-10% will survive the first year. And yet, some people with Trisomy 18 have lived into their 20s, 30s, and even 40s. All that to say, Trisomy 18 is often fatal but not always fatal.

The second problem with Kate Cox’s case is that the doctor who said she needed an abortion, Damla Karson, has a practice in Houston while Kate Cox lives in Dallas. Curious, right? How many Dallas women have OB-GYNs in Houston? Not many, I suspect, but Dr. Karson is not Cox’s everyday physician. According to Texas Monthly, Dr. Karson “has been an abortion care provider in Texas for more than two decades.” In other words, the “specialist” who performs abortions and lobbies for abortions is the one who said Kate Cox needed an abortion. The Texas Medical Board disagreed. My point in saying all that is not to downplay the fact that Trisomy 18 is a serious and devastating diagnosis. But it is not definitively fatal for the child or life-threatening for the mother. Essentially, there are two kinds of OB-GYNs in the world: Those who consider abortion to be legitimate medicine and those who don’t. Those in the first group believe potentially damaged fetuses should be preemptively killed rather than cared for. Those in the latter believe that all life is sacred and sanctifying—no matter how shortlived. 

The reason abortionists can’t be trusted to determine when an abortion is necessary is because abortionists have no moral qualms with any abortion. Abortion, for them, is not a measure of last resort. It is generally a measure of first resort, and therein lies the problem. President Biden trotted out Kate Cox as a gotcha to all those nasty Republicans who oppose killing babies in the womb, but it was a totally disingenuous gesture. Here’s why. Even if we conceded that Kate Cox’s abortion was justified, would Joe Biden then concede that all other abortions, those involving healthy mothers and healthy babies, are unjustified? Of course he wouldn’t. Because he believes every abortion should be legal. Kate Cox was just a tool to garner sympathy. Biden’s supposed concern for IVF access and dying mothers is all a farce. What he really wants is abortion on demand for any reason or no reason.

I’ve not been a regular listener to Matt Walsh, but the video he released last year with Councilman Ryan Webb is quite perfect—in a sacred-cow-tipping sort of way. If you’ve never seen it, you probably should. Nowhere in the video does Walsh condemn transgenderism, or lesbianism, or gay marriage, or intersectionality. In fact, it’s a ten-and-a-half minute tribute to all things woke. And that’s what makes it so brilliant. The left gnashes their teeth at the video, but there’s nothing specific they can complain about. Because it simply embraces all of their most nonsensical claims about sex and biology. Progressives know they’re being ridiculed, but they can’t objectively demonstrate how. It turns out the open celebration of leftist lunacy may be its greatest rebuke of all—which brings me back to the question I posited earlier.

The last two years have not been kind to Abort73—for reasons I’ve suggested before. Economic stress, political fatigue, cultural fear, search engine finagling, and my own failure to maintain engagement may all be contributing factors. The end result is a hemorrhaging of donors and decline in web traffic that makes it hard to be optimistic about our influence moving forward. Maybe that’s as it should be. Maybe Abort73 has less of a role to play in post-Roe America than it did in pre-. I’m not convinced of that, but it’s at least a possibility. It’s also possible that this is just a lull. We’ve weathered them before, though this one is admittedly different. The political context in which we now operate has changed, which is why I’m inclined to think that something new is in order—something in the vein of Matt Walsh’s subversive assault on transgenderism and my own foray into the mind of that devilish rascal Screwtape. In other words, it’s time to revisit my vision from a quarter-century ago. Not to replace Abort73, but to add a second front for engagement. 

The clearest difference between my original conception and that which ultimately emerged is that the realized version is not abortion-neutral. It is the most scandalously pro-abortion website you’re ever likely to encounter. Why? Because I couldn’t shake the feeling that an abortion-neutral website wouldn’t move the needle. It has no hook. But a website that obnoxiously champions abortion to an extent it’s never been championed before? That might turn some heads. Think of it as the Planned Parenthood website on steroids—the one they would have published if they weren’t so good at masking reality. Or if they ever said the quiet part out loud. I call it Planned Abortion. Visually and structurally, it is brazenly similar to Planned Parenthood’s own. I even bought some of the same stock photos (who knew Planned Parenthood would cheap out on picture acquisition?!). But the two websites read very differently. Whereas theirs is filled with the standard euphemisms and misdirects, ours is brutally honest. I’ve left in all those problematic little details that Planned Parenthood so scrupulously leaves out. Support for abortion has always been an exercise in cognitive dissonance, but this tumble down the rabbit hole turns it up to 11.

I will be the first to admit that Planned Abortion causes me some trepidation. I am not entirely comfortable with its tone or execution. And the research that went into it—pouring over the Planned Parenthood website page by page—left me mired in filth. You see, Planned Parenthood’s agenda is even more grotesque than I’ve realized in the past. The deeper you go, the dirtier it gets. More surprising still is that the quality of their writing occupies a similar plane. It reads like something cobbled together by a group of 16-year-old girls who imagine themselves clever and worldly-wise for being able to cram LGBTQ affirmations into every nook and cranny—and blindly advocate for another round of COVID boosters. An ode to the merits of higher education, it is not. 

The reason the Planned Abortion website doesn’t just stick to abortion is because Planned Parenthood doesn’t just stick to abortion. Planned Parenthood has their fingers in all sorts of pies, and they’re all bad. Our pages simply reflect their pages. There was a time when Planned Parenthood didn’t aggressively push transgenderism or sing the praises of discredited gene therapies. There was a time when they might have showed pictures of heterosexual couples and believed women were a biologically-distinct category of people, but those days are long gone. Planned Parenthood has expanded its dystopian vision well beyond abortion, and should be recognized for such.

We are in a unique moment in history. It feels like things could go either way. There is both tremendous reason for concern and tremendous reason for hope. Yes, the train is careening towards the cliff, but a not-insignificant-number of people are suddenly realizing that—and trying to engage the brakes. For many of these people, the right to abortion remains sacrosanct, but that too could be changing. And PlannedAbortion.net could well be the vehicle for that change. Because even though I’m expressing Planned Parenthood’s positions in crude, “uncivilized” ways, these are their actual positions: There is nothing wrong with terminating innocent human lives. Minority communities desperately need abortion. Promiscuity is commendable. Men can be women. Children should be sexualized early and often. Disabled children are better off dead. There are no moral absolutes. There is no such thing as sexual deviance. Lust, pride, and self-indulgence should each be accepted and celebrated. 

There’s also this. Establishment media has never been less trusted than it is right now, and the American president has never been less popular than he is right now. People are waking up to their corruption left and right. And what do both entities have in common? Quite a lot, actually, but the thing I have in view is their unwavering commitment to abortion. Tragically, this looks to be President Biden’s strongest position right now—the only one he’s not trailing on. But considering how much this administration has gotten wrong over the last four years, why should we trust their judgment on abortion?! Why do we allow Planned Parenthood to be the largest sex-ed provider in America, the largest birth control provider in America, and the largest abortion provider in America? Why do we just assume that sex-ed and birth control lead to fewer abortions when Planned Parenthood’s bottom line depends upon more abortions?! That’s what we call a conflict of interest. And mightn’t it be unethical for Democrats to funnel a half billion in state and federal tax dollars to Planned Parenthood each year, at least half of which comes from Republicans, only to have Planned Parenthood turn around and give 100% of their political donations back to Democrat politicians? To the tune $50 million in the last midterm election. 

The reason I’m willing to call Planned Parenthood out for its continued devotion to COVID orthodoxy and shameless pandering to LGBTQ ideologues is because this is where they’re most vulnerable. This is where they are most out of touch with the silent majority. If Americans in the political center, who still imagine support for abortion to be a mainstream position, come to realize just how far left Planned Parenthood actually is, their entire abortion paradigm might shift. That’s what I’m after. Yes, Planned Abortion is a bit obnoxious and combative. Publishing it was not a nice thing to do. I understand that. But neither was taking a whip and clearing out the temple. It was harsh and divisive. There was nothing winsome about it, but there were some things Jesus simply had no patience for—including the mistreatment of little children.

When you build your empire upon the shed blood of the most innocent and helpless members of the human community, you forfeit the right to be treated with kid gloves. We cannot give baby killers a pass under the pretense of Christian charity. Abort73 and Planned Abortion are very different entities, but they are driven by the same biblical directive. Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them. I don’t say this flippantly or coyly. I literally mean this. Planned Parenthood is a God-damned instrument of death. If I am wrong about that, then I simply don’t know God. I say with R.C. Sproul, “If I’m wrong about God’s utter hatred for abortion, then I’m wrong about everything else.” If you share that sentiment, or even if you don’t, I invite you to consider Planned Abortion for yourself. From there, you can follow the Planned Abortion accounts on Facebook, Instagram or X—all of which put the latest pro-abortion posts through the same truth-enhancing filter. Finally, if you’re willing to make a tax-free donation in open defiance of those who daily tear children to pieces, but call it Parenthood, you can do that too.

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