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40 Questions to Ask on the Anniversary of Roe vs Wade


Jan 22, 2013 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Miscellaneous

Today marks the 40th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court decision that invalidated all state prohibitions against abortion and made it a constitutionally protected act. More than 50 million abortions have occurred in the four decades since—leaving us all with some questions to answer.

For Abortion Supporters 

  • If there is uncertainty as to when individual life begins, should we error on the side of protecting life or discarding life?
  • Which right is more fundamental, the right to not be killed or the right to not be pregnant?
  • Does it concern you that everyone who supports abortion is no longer threatened by it?
  • Have you considered the fact that the arguments used to justify abortion were once used to justify slavery?
  • Would you rather live in a country that protects the lives of all human beings or one that thinks some human beings are better off dead?
  • Was your support of abortion arrived at by an honest examination of the facts or by a desire to justify the elimination of unwanted pregnancy?
  • Does it bother you that 93% of abortions are performed on healthy mothers, with healthy babies, who chose to engage in sexual intercourse?
  • Which is more noble, to sacrifice some of your freedom for the sake of your child or to sacrifice your child for the sake of your freedom?
  • Are poverty, parental immaturity, or unwantedness sufficient rationales for killing children after they're born?
  • Is it more loving to kill a child you can't raise or to give that child to someone who can?

For Abortion Opponents

  • If your grandkids ask you someday what you did to combat abortion, will you have anything to tell them?
  • If an outside observer were to secretly examine your life, specifically how you invest your time and money, would they conclude that abortion is a grave injustice or no big deal?
  • If all abortion-opponents responded to abortion as you do, would that help or hurt the cause?
  • Do you spend more money on coffee than you do on the defense of abortion-vulnerable children?
  • Would you be doing more to combat abortion if the lives of your own children hung in the balance?
  • Is it more important to believe that abortion is wrong or to act like abortion is wrong?
  • If it was your life that was threatened by fatal violence, would you want advocates who politely held their tongue, or advocates who actually spoke up in your defense?
  • How much time have you spent equipping yourself to be able to competently explain the injustice of abortion?
  • Does your engagement come from a place of arrogance or humility?
  • Does the way you treat people give credibility to your "pro-life" convictions or make them seem rather hypocritical?

For Christians

  • Is Jesus more likely to criticize someone for doing too much on behalf of abortion-vulnerable children or too little?
  • If you were to be judged according to what you did or didn't do for the least of these among us, how would you fare?
  • Does Jesus' warning to not overlook the little children have any application to abortion?
  • Does Jesus assertion that, "Whoever receives a child in my name receives me," have any bearing on abortion?
  • How much of your prayer life is devoted to the elimination of abortion?
  • What are the chances your teenage daughter would have an abortion before she'd tell you she's pregnant, for fear of your reaction?
  • Does your service to those threatened by abortion more closely mirror the Good Samaritan or the priest and the Levite—who were too busy to stop and do anything?  
  • Does the flavor of your life give those around you a positive or negative view of humanity?
  • Is Jesus more concerned about how you feel or how you act?
  • If faith without works is dead, what is pro-life conviction without action?

For Pastors and Elders

  • Are you more concerned about your music and preaching than you are about intervening for the marginalized and vulnerable?
  • What does your church budget say about your commitment to protecting abortion-vulnerable children?
  • How many weeks, months or years could someone go to your church without hearing any public prayer or proclamation regarding abortion?
  • Is there a culture of grace at your church such that a single woman need not fear being condemned or ostracized for showing up pregnant?
  • If all churches were to follow your example, would we be looking at another 40 years of legal abortion?
  • Since 85% of most ministry budgets are dedicated to salaries and facilities, how much of your salaried time are you devoting to abortion-vulnerable children?
  • If John Ensor is correct, and abortion is the defining experience of this generation, are you faithfully equipping your people to be able to minister in a world full of post-abortive men and women?
  • Do your middle school, high school and college students have a clear understanding of what abortion is and why it is an affront to God?
  • In light of the fact that 65% of aborting women are professing Christians, how is your church doing with the Great Commission call to teach disciples to observe everything God has commanded—including the prohibition against shedding innocent blood? 
  • If the church in America ever made the elimination of abortion an honest-to-goodness ministry priority, do you think Planned Parenthood would even stand a chance?

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