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Do Pro-Lifers Worship Unborn Babies?

Do Pro-Lifers Worship Unborn Babies?


Jun 06, 2006 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Responses to Readers

The following is my response to some questions raised in a recent email. The initial email query is below. My response follows.

I know you are not all religious, and that this is not the primary goal of your organization as you see it, but you must admit there are some connections between your faith and your views on this issue.

Can one of your volunteers PLEASE help me understand!

I don't understand pro-lifers very well, the only more confusing thing to me is Christ's death for Christians' sins. I find crucifixes macabre and quite disturbing in the way they are displayed.

I think I am beginning to understand post-abortive militant pro-lifers:

A "child" died for their sins, or someone else’s to cover their sins of pre-marital sex or an extra marital affair. Or for a rapist's sins.

When later they become convinced or "aware" that it was a "child", they see this as some how wrong and try to understand it.

There is a parallel between Christ’s death for other's sin and aborted "babies" deaths in their eyes.

Because of this parallel they see, they begin to worship these innocents as though they were Christ. trying to preach about them with missionary zeal, idolizing their images with talismans of "precious feet" and macarbe images of their torn and martyred bodies.

Am I even close, PLEASE help me!

If you can help me understand either of these issues i would really appreciate it.

Thanks for your inquiry and sorry for the delayed response. Here goes...

Without question, there is a huge connection between my faith and my involvement with the abortion issue, though it doesn't quite fall along the lines you've drawn. Ultimately, faith influences everything I do, everything you do, and everything we all do. Whether it is faith in God or faith that there is no God, we all act and make decisions based upon what we believe, and I am no different. Having said that, there are plenty of non-religious people, even atheists, who oppose abortion. Their opposition is still rooted in faith, though not a biblical one. It is a faith that, for whatever reason, believes there is value in human life and that individual human beings should be protected from those who would harm or destroy them. Regarding the hypothesis you've laid down, you make some interesting connections, but they break down on a number of fronts. First off, most of the people who I've worked with in the pro-life movement are not post-abortive. As such, their involvement is not driven by guilt, but rather love and conviction. Second, the child who is aborted does not die to take away the sins of the adulterer or the rapist but, rather, as a means of covering those sins up. This is very different from what Christ did on the cross. His death and resurrection (another break in your connection) doesn't cover up the sins of those who place their faith in Him, it actually take those sins away by transferring them to His account where they are paid for on the cross. "Macabre" crucifixes, though not generally a part of the protestant faith, serve as a reminder that Jesus died a horrible death to pay the penalty of sin. As for the similarly gruesome images of aborted children (or the "precious feet" pins), these are not displayed as "idols" or objects of worship. Their purpose is educational, not memorial (at least in my mind). They serve to demonstrate that abortion is an act of violence which destroys tiny human beings, and unless these tiny human beings are chemically aborted during the first few weeks of pregnancy, they already have tiny hands and feet when they are killed. For those whose involvement in opposing abortion does stem from the regret of their own abortion, they too must realize that no amount of "activism", no amount of involvement, no amount of sorrow will ever take that sin away. The sin of abortion, the sin of pride, the sin of hatred, all sins can only be removed by the blood of Jesus Christ, and that only by believing, embracing, and proclaiming that He is God in human flesh, He was born of a virgin, lived a perfect life, died a death He did not owe, rose on the third day, and ever lives as testimony to the fact that His sacrifice was sufficient to take away the sins of all who believe.Thanks so much for your time and interest. I hope that helps...

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