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LOVE THE LEAST: An Evening of Worship and Education

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Mike Spielman and Jeff Jones talk about Abort73's first outreach event, LOVE THE LEAST, which aims at giving high school and college students a better and more biblical understanding of abortion.

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Video Text/Dialogue:

Abort73.com presents:

LOVE THE LEAST (An Evening of Worship & Education)

[Mike Spielman]

Abort73.com exists to demonstrate to people that abortion is a massive injustice that strips the most basic of human rights from the most helpless members of the human community.

[Jeff Jones]

We can't even decide if something is right or wrong unless we know exactly what something is, and I think once someone is educated about abortion, the conclusion is obvious. It is something that is morally wrong.

[Mike Spielman]

Abortion is legal in all 50 states. It's legal through all nine months of pregnancy. It can be performed for basically any reason. It's one of the most common surgeries in America. It kills close to 4,000 people every day in the U.S., more than 100,000 a day worldwide.

[Jeff Jones]

We need to educate students about abortion because if students don't know what abortion is and what it does, they'll have no reason or foundation to actually do something about it.

[Mike Spielman] 

They're not getting the details of abortion in the classroom. They're not getting it in the press; they're certainly not getting it in the abortion clinic. Because of that, abortion persists and continues. If people did know, their minds would change, laws would change, because the more someone knows about abortion, the more likely they are to oppose it.

[Jeff Jones] 

I think an event like LOVE THE LEAST is hugely important, just in light of normal, Christian student tendencies. I think Christian students are caught up in the social events of their youth group, sports, finding a boyfriend or girlfriend or a spouse–those kinds of things.  And those are good things, but if that's all you're focused on, you miss the big things Jesus told us to care about. He told us, specifically, that we need to care about those who are least among us.

[Mike Spielman]  

LOVE THE LEAST is an attempt to take the atrocity of abortion and put it next to the demands and expectations of the Bible, so that more students will start seeing abortion, not as a political issue or as a social issue or as a women's issue, but  they'll come to understand it as a love your neighbor issue.  Because underneath everything, abortion really is a God issue.

[Jeff Jones]  

I think churches shy away from preaching on abortion just because the issue is so sensitive and controversial. It's not an issue like poverty or AIDS, where pretty much anyone, even in the secular world, can get behind and say, "ya, we should try to end poverty; ya, we should try to end AIDS." Abortion is a little bit different.  

[Mike Spielman]   

When the church fights against child killing, which is what abortion is, the world calls us intolerant, bigoted, hateful, anti-women... so there's a cost for taking a stand on this issue. But in light of what abortion does, I don't see how God's people could do anything else. Abortion targets the most helpless, the most vulnerable, the most dependent members of the human community, violently, (and) kills them with impunity. It seems to me that the more helpless the victim, the more outraged we should be at the assault. 

[Jeff Jones]

I am just excited to see what God could to do. This is an issue that is very close to my heart and I believe strongly that it's close to God's heart. I believe (in) being actively involved to care and minister to the least among us, especially in this case, abortion-vulnerable children. I want to see more and more Christians rise up to take this issue seriously, to make a difference in the world. And I'm especially excited if the Christians that rise up are young people. They're not just the next generation. They can be used by God, even now to make a difference. I'm excited about that.

[Mike Spielman]

Francis Schaeffer, the great apologist, is reported to have once said that if Christians will not stand up and say of abortion, "this is wrong", then the world has a right to ask whether Christ is even real. If we can't stand say that child killing is wrong, then where will we take a stand?

For more details or to host this event in your area, visit: LovetheLeast.com


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