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Birth Story: Houston

Submitted to Abort73 by a 38-year-old woman on May 1, 2011.


I have always been pro-life, but I know, respect and even love people who are pro-choice. However, I never really understood them. So I researched using this site and others and if anything only strengthened my convictions.

Then, I became pregnant with my third child. I hadn't planned on having a third child. My family felt complete with two. Because of my convictions, I knew that I could never abort a child, but I also did not experience any closeness to the baby growing within. I felt compassion as I would to any child, but not any bonding. I also had an annoying pregnancy, not necessarily difficult, but I had morning sickness everyday for all three trimesters and I just felt a lot more tired than I had with my other two. I thought that here, I finally understood all of those women who said that they just felt relief when they had ended their pregnancies. I even secretly thought that although I would outwardly be a good mother, I couldn't picture myself "truly" loving this child.

I WAS SO VERY WRONG. I adore my daughter. She adores me. My older children love her so deeply and are so very protective as is my husband and all of those around her. She is charming, smart, compassionate, beautiful and she is LOVED. I treasure her, I have a fierce almost primal love for her. Truly words don't do justice to how much I love her and my other children.

Why do I share this? Because what I learned is that so many if not all of those women who vehemently state that they could not have loved the children they aborted were wrong. I'm glad that I respected the life of my daughter enough to not take it from her. I would have missed out on one of the deepest and strongest loves of my life.

Age: 38
Location: Houston
Date: May 1, 2011

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