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An abortion will only bring you pain, but giving birth to a child is pure joy...

Abortion Story: Tennessee

Submitted to Abort73 by a 34-year-old woman on February 7, 2018.


Many years ago I had two abortions. They were two of the biggest mistakes of my life. I have since gotten saved and if I had just looked to God back then, I would have made the right choices! I feel like I have killed my children. They could have had a good life and done so many wonderful things on this earth. Babies and life are precious. Having a child is a joy. I know because I have three more. If you are thinking about having an abortion, do not do it. You will definitely regret it. If you just pray to God, He will help you through everything, I assure you. I pray to find mercy and His forgiveness for these things, and I am looking to tell others that this is definitely not the way you want to go in life. Whatever is the reason you think you need to have an abortion, reconsider. I guarantee that it is wrong and you are talking yourself into making a very wrong choice.  Think about what God wants you to do and fully trust Him because He will help you through it all. Look for His plans. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise. Do not think it is okay because other women have or are doing it, or that because abortion clinics are legal it's ok. It is not. That is what I should have done. Babies can be the very blessing you need to refocus your life on where God wants you to go. I think about seeing these two in Heaven one day. An abortion will only bring you pain, but giving birth to a child is pure joy. Don't worry about anybody else or anything, just trust in Him. I would have those babies today and should have them. I must reassure you that any reason to abort is wrong. Do not make the wrong decision. Choose life and smile about it.

Age: 34
Location: Tennessee
Date: February 7, 2018

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