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If you have wondered if the siblings of aborted children feel pain, then let me assure you that they do...

Abortion Story: North Carolina

Submitted to Abort73 by a 20-year-old woman on June 7, 2016.


When I was fourteen, my mom sat me down and told me that she had an abortion more than twenty years ago while she was in college. I was devastated. We were a Christian family, and I never saw it coming. My mom couldn't remember much about the details—not even the exact year it happened. That made me so mad. Everything I wanted to know she just couldn't remember. How could anyone forget?

My mom felt bad, and she told me that our family would have a balloon release or something to commemorate the lost life. It's been six years, and we have never talked about it again. No balloon release or anything like she promised. That only amplified the turmoil inside me.

It made me so upset that I often cried myself to sleep because I couldn't stop hearing the sound of infant cries inside my head. It was the worst year of my life. If you have wondered if the siblings of aborted children feel pain, then let me assure you that they do. I don't regret that my mom told me. I'm glad that I know. But please help your children to grieve the loss properly and comfort them.

Today I'm much better. I've been able to forgive everyone involved, and I know that I will see my sibling in heaven one day. I wish it was socially acceptable to acknowledge the pain of other innocent people involved, such as the siblings. If you know siblings who are victims of these circumstances, be sensitive to them and be open to talk about it if they want to. They are experiencing hurt just like the mothers and fathers involved.

Age: 20
Location: North Carolina
Date: June 7, 2016

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