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Where Do Abortion Pictures Come From?

All Abort73 abortion photos come from working abortion clinics.

Where Do Abortion Pictures Come From?

All Abort73 abortion photos come from working abortion clinics.


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The Center for Bio-Ethical Reform (CBR) maintains the largest known abortion-image archive in the world and has meticulously verified the accuracy and authenticity of their photographs and video. The content of these pictures have not been digitally altered in any way.

All of the abortion images used in the Abort73 website come from the Center for Bio-ethical Reform (CBR). CBR maintains the largest archive of abortion images in existence. All of their videos and photographs were taken inside real working abortion clinics, contracted under guarantees of anonymity, as certified in this signed statement from their photographer. CBR describes the acquisition of their image library as follows:

We are sometimes asked how and from what sources we have compiled our huge library (perhaps the largest in the world) of aborted baby photos and video. Understandably, the terms of our acquisition agreements prohibit the disclosure of that information. If we must divulge this information pursuant to [a lawsuit], we will do so “in camera,” which means in a judge’s chambers, off the record, so the information will be sealed and never made public. It doesn't take much analytical ability to guess why. We are prepared, however, to say that we reject civil disobedience on tactical grounds (and violence on moral grounds) so we use only lawful means to acquire imagery.

The abortion images you see on the Abort73 website are true to the original. They have not been retouched or digitally altered. The common objects (coins, pencils, etc.) seen in some of the photographs are placed as a size reference and are part of the original photo. They have not been digitally inserted.These objects are included as a size reference. They give the viewer an easy way to determine the actual size of the embryos and fetuses being depicted. In so doing, they also make it possible to verify the captioned age which accompanies each photo. Some people have complained that using coins is heavy-handed and inappropriately symbolic. While the juxtaposition of aborted children with the phrase "In God We Trust" is a stark one, and while there is certainly a huge financial stake in abortion, we cannot speak to the intent of the photographer. Whether the coins are meant to be symbolic or not, it is hard to think of any other object of the appropriate scale and of a universal size that would be more common and familiar to the average citizen. For this reason, coins seem a very functional choice.

It is a common tactic of abortion supporters to claim that abortion photos are a fake. This is the same tactic that Holocaust deniers use. Photographic evidence is hard to argue with so those who think abortion is a good thing, will try and discredit the evidence.

CBR addresses such claims on their website, and includes the following quote from Anthony P. Levatino, M.D., J.D., who is both a physician and attorney:

I, the undersigned, having performed induced abortions earlier in my career, have examined the photos depicting the aborted human embryos and fetuses used by The Center For Bio-Ethical Reform in their public education projects (www.abortionNO.org). It is my professional opinion that the photos depict aborted human embryos and fetuses and that the depicted aborted human embryos and fetuses are accurately captioned as to age, in weeks since fertilization.

There are many other former abortionists (and some current abortionists) who will corroborate Dr. Levatino's statement. Tammy Sobieski, who works at a Florida abortion clinic, said on television, in response to the abortion pictures on CBR's trucks, "What's disheartening for me is the lack of trust they have in women, that they think women don't know that that's the reality of abortion." Almost no one in the abortion industry is as honest as Ms. Sobieski, and this is a statement she likely wants back. From her own mouth, referring to the same abortion images seen on this website she says, "that's the reality of abortion."

As to the age of the embryos and fetuses pictured, that is verifiable through any of the prenatal teaching texts listed in the "Medical Testimony" section, or through prenatal websites such as.



Finally, there is the common sense question of motivation. Why would anyone make these photos up? If these pictures were all a big hoax, if abortion wasn't really destroying tiny little people, why would so many people sacrifice huge amounts of time and money to oppose abortion? It doesn't make sense. Abortion advocates have a significant financial stake in abortion's continued availablity. It's easy to see why they argue the pictures are fake. The pro-life community, however, doesn't make money in opposing abortion. It loses money. Why would anyone be inclined to do that in defense of a hoax? Efforts to eliminate abortion exist because these pictures are real, and because they accurately depict what happens to innocent human beings thousands of times a day.

This page was last updated on October 06, 2010. To cite this page in a research paper, visit: "Citing Abort73 as a Source."

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