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Behind the Scenes of a Medical Abortion

May 29, 2018 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Miscellaneous

Last week I published excerpts from many of the “positive” abortion stories that Abort73 has received over the last two years. Today, I’m going to give you one in its entirety. It comes from a 19-year-old woman in South Australia. I do this for two reasons. First because it provides behind-the-scenes access to an event that is rarely spoken of with such candor. Second, because it demonstrates that medical abortion, which is often regarded as a more natural or holistic alternative to its surgical counterpart, is nothing of the sort. No matter how it’s performed, abortion is a violent and unnatural act. It fatally injures a tiny human child and runs roughshod over the natural proclivities of the female body—which is designed to do everything in its power to protect the life of the child that is growing within. In the words of Frederica Mathewes-Green, abortion is “as obscene as pouring dirty motor oil…

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Positive Abortion Stories

May 22, 2018 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Responses to Readers

Over the last two years, Abort73 has received 37 testimonies from women who purportedly do not regret their abortion. I say “purportedly” for two reasons. First, because we all have a tendency to double down on our questionable choices. It’s human nature; we don’t like admitting we were wrong. That’s why, in all realms of life, I consider expressions of regret to be more inherently credible than expressions of vindication. They go against the grain. The second reason I say “purportedly” is because many of the women who insist they have no regrets make statements which call such claims into question. It’s as if they’re trying to talk themselves into an assurance they don’t actually feel.

The “positive” abortion stories that were received in 2016 and 2017 represent 13% of the whole. I don’t claim that percentage to be nationally representative. I point it out merely to demonstrate that the vast majority of the abortion testimonies we receive are stories of regret. Though I don’t generally post the “positive” abortion stories to the Abort73 website, neither do I ignore or discard them.…

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The Monstrosity of Abortion in the Frankenstein Chronicles

Apr 30, 2018 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Miscellaneous

Towards the end of the novel Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s iconic monster refers to himself as an “abortion”—something “to be spurned at, and kicked, and trampled on.” It’s an interesting word choice for this nameless monstrosity. I have never read Frankenstein, but I did recently watch the first two seasons of The Frankenstein Chronicles, which connect to abortion in a more literal and straightforward way. I was unaware of the connection when I started watching, which makes this the second time a Netflix production has unexpectedly confronted me with the issue of abortion. Blue Jay was the other. In both cases, I heartily applaud the filmmakers. 

As a word of caution, The Frankenstein Chronicles are exceedingly dark and violent. Then again, so is abortion, which is one of the reasons it’s so difficult to incorporate into broadly-accessible works of fiction. Generally, all we get is the smug pro-choice sentimentality of Hollywood (think, The Cider House Rules), or the over-the-top religiosity of “faith-based” fare. The Frankenstein Chronicles offer…

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The Progressive Racism of Margaret Sanger

Apr 16, 2018 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Abortion History

This is the third Margaret Sanger article I’ve written in as many weeks. I suspect it will be my last for a while, but there are a lot of misconceptions to cut through, particularly on the issue of race. Among those who oppose abortion, Planned Parenthood’s founder has been broadly typecast as a Nazi-sympathizing white supremacist. For those looking to discredit the abortion giant, it’s a handy narrative to maintain—especially in today’s political climate. The only problem is, the evidence to substantiate such a claim is entirely lacking. I know because I’ve looked for it.

Margaret Sanger was anti-God, anti-marriage, and anti-America, long before it was fashionable to be so, but she wasn’t a racist—at least not in the traditional sense of the word. Was she bigoted? Certainly, but her bigotry wasn’t ethnically driven. It was bigger than that. Sanger’s devotion to eugenics wasn’t built on a contempt for people of color; it was built on a contempt for the poor and ignorant, which is why she despised…

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Where is the Utopian Future Margaret Sanger Promised?

Mar 31, 2018 / By: Michael Spielman
Category: Abortion History

Margaret Sanger was religiously devoted to birth control. Apart from her children, we might say it was the only thing she truly cared about. She traded out husbands, lovers, and political ideologies, but her commitment to birth control was unwavering. “It [is] my religion,” she wrote to a friend in 1928.1 Each new day was for Margaret Sanger the opportunity to create “another center of influence from which the gospel of voluntary motherhood (could) spread.”2 And she was a relentless evangelist.

On the day that Margaret Sanger told her first husband she was leaving him, she mused in her diary about some of the other institutions she had left behind—the Church, Socialism, and the bourgeoisie.3 She’d abandoned them all in disillusionment, transferring her hopes and dreams to another savior. Sanger’s reverence for birth control was matched only by her contempt for unbounded fertility. “The most serious evil of our times,” Sanger wrote, “is that of encouraging the bringing into the world of large…

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