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Giving, Sales & Spending (2018)

An overview of donations, spending and influence.

Page Summary:

Abort73 is a resource of Loxafamosity Ministries, a non-profit 501(c)3, education corporation. This page provides a month-by-month snapshot of our finances and influence.

The maintenance and promotion of Abort73.com is almost entirely funded through tax-deductible donations. As you examine the information below, please consider giving to this work. You can also support Abort73 financially by using this link when you make a purchase from Amazon.com, designating Abort73 to receive 10%-100% of the proceeds you receive from items sold on Ebay, or using online coupons from ChameleonJohn.


  Donations Received Operating Expenses Gross Sales Cost of Goods Sold Shirts Sold Shirts Given Away Facebook Views Web Visits
JAN '18 $6,507 $7,706 $1,623 $1,517 94 26 80,668 55,366
FEB '18 $6,067 $7,847 $751 $1,183 34 16 44,548 75,226
MAR '18 $6,056 $7,740 $1,105 $359 77 24 34,216 64,708
APR '18 $5,099 $8,721 $660 $148 31 21 29,609 44,151
TOTALS $23,730 $32,015 $4,140 $3,207 236 87 189,041 239,451
2017 $107,822 $98,592 $17,592 $17,679 1,068 296 1,010,244 825,126
2016 $99,144 $99,929 $32,343 $38,098 1,728 960 2,124,886 1,046,154
2015 $94,812 $94,802 $51,278 $48,927 2,621 691 5,840,827 992,458

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