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Abort73 is working to protect women and children from the violence of abortion.
We do that through education and peer-to-peer engagement.

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The case against abortion is broad and deep. It starts here:

Medical Testimony Prenatal Development Rights of Personhood Abortion Procedures
Abortion Pictures The Role of Law Competing Rights Common Abortion Fallacies
Inconsequential Differences Systematic Dehumanization A Future Lost The Uncertainty Principle

Peer-to-Peer Engagement

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Abortion story #631

I wanted to write my story to tell others that if you have any, ANY doubts about having an abortion, DO NOT GET ONE. I had every single card played against me, so I justified it, but a small part of me thought "Maybe I could make this work." Tthat very small amount of doubt turned into 100% regret. I had been in a very rocky relationship for about 2 1/2 years. We were crazy about each other but had insane fights. He was verbally abusive, but I loved him and I took him back every time. When we were good, we were really good. After breaking up 3 or 4 times we hooked up. I told him there was a chance I could get pregnant. He said, "Whatever it takes to be with you." When I found out I was pregnant, he wanted me to come over so he could rub my belly. He told me he wanted me to pick out the name. After two weeks of making future baby room knickknacks and picking out names, he told me that he thinks we made a huge mistake. He told me I should get an abortion and that he didn't wanna be with me anymore. He was already a single dad, having just worked himself through school. He had just started a new job and refused to even ask off for work to take me. Because of the timing, it was too late to take the pill. I had to have a surgical abortion. I’d already had a non-surgical abortion about two months after meeting him. I didn’t Never think twice about it because I barely knew him at the time. After almost three years together, the second abortion was a completely different story... Click here to read the rest.

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