Love the Least (A Lot): An Evening of Worship & Education

In America today, it’s hard to imagine a group of human beings more qualified to wear the “least of these” label than abortion-vulnerable children. It is their very “leastness” in fact, their helplessness and dependence, that has become the primary rationale for their destruction. And according to the latest data, more than 3,300 of the most innocent and helpless members of the human community are killed every single day in the United States, not through a hurricane or an earthquake or a flood, but through the intentional violence of abortion.

It is a uniquely neglected injustice.

LOVE THE LEAST (LTL) is a one-of-a-kind outreach event – an evening of worship and education that mixes music, teaching, video and Abort73. The music alone makes this an evening worth participating in; the presentation is likely to forever change the way you respond to the tragedy of abortion.

Please join us in loving the least (a lot).

Matthew 25:45

“ educates and motivates... Millions of teens and young adults do not really know what abortion is... I would love to see Abort73 become a movement led by courageous, smart, Wilberforce-like young people who won’t let it go until abortion is as unthinkable in our land as slavery.”

John Piper | Bethlehem Baptist Church
Founder of Desiring God

“We love our Abort73 shirts and we love what is accomplishing in the cause of life. If you’re not familiar with this fantastic ministry, don’t miss this opportunity to learn more and get involved.”

Alex and Brett Harris |
Authors of Do Hard Things

" communicates the truth about abortion in ways that are holistic, unique, informative and appealing to the next generation, who desperately need to be informed about this issue. offers a wealth of information for anyone seeking well-documented research. Students addressing abortion in the classroom will find it extremely helpful. I commend this resource for following Scripture's mandate to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, and for exposing the culture of deception surrounding this issue that is so close to God's heart.

Randy Alcorn | Eternal Perspective Ministries
Best-Selling Author

Past Events:

Newhall, CA (Master's College)
Santa Clarita, CA (Grace Baptist Church)
Murrieta, CA (Bella Vista Middle School)
Ithaca, NY (Cornell University)
Rockford, IL (Harvest Bible Chapel)

Program Videos

January 1973
2-Minute Overview of Abort73 (non-pixelized where possible)
Abort73 + YOU

Sample Set List

Fire Fall Down
My Deliverer
Your Name
Jesus Paid it All
Here is Love
To Know Your Name
Return to Him
Mighty to Save / The Stand

Soul Satisfied | Music

LTL Gear

Love the Least (A Lot): Abort73 T-shirt

Hosting Requirements

If you're interested in helping bring LOVE THE LEAST to your area, please contact us at:

LTL requires a venue with seating for 500-1,000 people (with modern audio/vido capabilities). To date, we have done LTL in sanctuaries, auditoriums, chapels, and gymnasiums. Sponsors must also be willing to help raise the funds necessary to transport our equipment and our 6-8 person team, coordinate food and housing, and help promote the event amongst local ministries. Hosting a LOVE THE LEAST event provides tremendous involvement opportunities for Christian students who want to be stretched by God and used by Him in the service of dying, unborn children! Educate Yourself. Educate Your World.