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Better Off Alive (Abort73 Girls Longsleeve Hoody)

Better Off Alive

Girls Longsleeve Hoody

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If you’d like to see this shirt reprinted, let us know by sharing this page. Use the tags: @abort73 #BetterOffAlive & #BringthisBack. Clubs or student groups may special-order these shirts for $15 each—with a minimum purchase of 24 shirts. Contact us for details.

Shirt Details

100% Baby Rib cotton. Form-fitting – will shrink an average of one size when put in the dryer. Be advised, our women’s shirts run small! They are comparable to what you would find in a juniors section. Consult the lay-flat measurements below to determine the best size for you:

  Length Width Size
22-3/4" 14-3/4" 0-1
23-1/4" 15-3/4" 3-5
23-3/4" 16-3/4" 7-9
24-1/4" 18-1/4" 11-13
size diagram

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Post your own pictures of this shirt with the tags: @abort73 & #BetterOffAlive. Who knows? You might win a free shirt! Follow us on Instagram for more chances to win. We give free Abort73 shirts away every Friday! #FreeTshirtFriday

Design Explanation

It's quite common to hear people attempt to justify abortion by bringing up issues like poverty and disease. They're essentially arguing that impoverished or disabled children are better off dead. That, of course, is a wretched lie. You don't treat "suffering" by killing those who suffer. Children are better off alive.

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Better Off Alive

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Better Off Alive