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Abort73 Shirt Pricing and Profits

How we set our prices and where that money goes.

Love Lets Live shirtsFrom the very beginning, Abort73 T-shirts have played an integral role in the marketing of Each one operates as a walking Abort73 billboards—which is why you should wear one! Our goal is to put as many Abort73 shirts into the public square as we possibly can—without bankrupting our ministry in the process. For the first couple years, we sold shirts at ridiculously low prices. In the span of two summers, we sold more than 10,000 shirts for less than they cost us to make. And for more than a year, the Abort73 web store offered a pay what you can afford model called "Flex Pricing." It gave people with little cash the option to buy shirts at cost, while giving those with more money the option to pay extra. Though the approach helped us sell a lot of shirts, almost everyone defaulted to paying the lowest price. Who can resist a great deal?!

In 2010, we did away with flex pricing and started pricing each shirt individually—based on its actual production cost. We took the production cost of each shirt, tacked on a $4 profit, and then divided by 80% to arrive at the selling price. We divided by 80% on the assumption that only 80% of the shirts we printed would actually sell at full price. Some are used for photo or display purposes, others end up with print or manufacturing defects, and still more are given away or sold at discount. As expected, we saw a significant reduction in the number of shirts sold. We also saw a much-improved bottom line—so much so that we began offering bulk discounts in the summer of 2009. Before the year was out, we reduced our profit margin from $4 to $2.

In 2014, Abort73 again shook up our pricing structure, along with the way we handle inventory. Based loosely on the shirt-a-week models of Threadless and Sevenly, Abort73 began releasing a new shirt on the first and third Tuesday of every month. It may be a new design or one we’ve pulled out of retirement. On the day of its release, it will sell for just $10. After that, the price goes up to $15. If there are any shirts left after two or three months, they will be available for $20 each. Though it’s a pricing structure that is exactly opposite the standard retail model, it encourages people to buy the designs they like quickly rather than waiting around for them to go on sell—and it encourages them to come back often. We’d much rather have our shirts out on the street instead of sitting on our shelves!

Though we don’t turn much profit selling Abort73 T-shirts, all the money we do make goes back into the promotion and development of Updated sales figures are posted each month to Abort73's budget page.


Abort73 garments may be returned or exchanged with the following qualifications:

Refer to the included packing slip for further instructions on where to return the shirts and how to specify exchange requests.

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