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Abortion Stories

Personal testimonies from women (and men) who have gone through an abortion.


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The unsolicited abortion stories on these pages have come to Abort73 through our online submission form. Though not all women regret their abortions, these stories demonstrate that countless women do.

"I got pregnant and I was always very pro choice. I always stated I would never have an abortion but that was "their choice". They being the woman. I told my grandparents who I live with, and my mother. My boyfriend also told his family. We stated that we had already decided to keep our child. "Every child a wanted child"...The way I feel is "every abortion a wanted abortion". I was taken to a…"

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Age: 15
Date: August 9, 2006

"I had an abortion 20 years ago and it was the worst thing that happened to me! I am only just now starting to speak up!"

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Age: 37
Date: July 22, 2006

"I had an abortion about three months ago. Although I am a married woman, I did not feel ready to start a family. My husband and I felt emotionally and financially unprepared to have a child. This was our justification for the murder of what should have been our first born. Obtaining the means for the abortion was amazingly easy. I went to the clinic, was given ru-486 (the abortion pill) and killed…"

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Age: 23
Date: July 9, 2006

"I chose abortion as a result of rape/incest. It has been 24 years and I have struggled every day. I now work in a crisis pregnancy center and help host a 3-day post-abortive retreat each fall. The results of the choices these women made are very evident in their daily lives and quite heartbreaking. I wish my voice was louder, my presence was more well known. But even though I am only one woman,…"

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Age: 49
Date: May 6, 2006

"It was about six years ago when I learned that I was pregnant with my fourth baby. I was in my early 20s and on birth control pills. This pregnancy was not like the others. I was only a few weeks along and every day I felt as though death had come over me. I literally threw up everything I ate and drank, including plain water. I could not do anything or go anywhere because I was always sick and…"

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Age: 27
Date: April 29, 2006

"I am a thirty four year old mother of four who has spent the last 17 years of my life dealing with the pain and loss of two children I "chose" to abort as a scared, desperate teenager. It took me a few years to be truthful with myself and God about the abortions, at first I insisted to myself that it was the only choice I could have made and that I would have done the same thing again if faced…"

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Age: 34
Date: March 27, 2006

"I was in a relationship and my girlfriend, found out she was gonna have a baby. At first I was very scared but I soon got over it. For a few weeks all was well. Then one day she changed her mind and my heart was broken. I prayed and begged her to change her mind, but I couldn't. Why is it that it takes a man and a woman to make a baby but only one of them has a choice? Take it from a guy who…"

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Age: 24
Date: March 7, 2006

"I had an abortion on June 13, 1997. I had always believed that I was pro-life until the day I was faced with the decision myself. I grew up in a very strict religious family and was truly afraid that telling my parents that I was pregnant would get me disowned. I was in a daze that day, and for months to come. But when the smoke cleared, (so to speak) I found myself in a deep depression and wanting…"

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Age: 27
Date: January 25, 2006

"On Monday July 4, 2005 I found out I was 4 weeks pregnant. When I told my boyfriend I was pregnant the first thing he told me was to find out how much an abortion was going to cost. Two days later I made the appointment. When I went to his house I told him that I didn't want to have an abortion. He told me how he already had a child and it was far for him to take care of him and that he wouldn't…"

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Age: 22
Date: December 19, 2005

" ...[Abortion] hurt my heart so bad. My heart and my body and my spirit were broken in a matter of minutes. I regret what I did so much. I have not smiled truthfully since then. I cry at night. I wake up and swear that I'm bleeding to death. I had a dream last night that my husband woke me up from, he touched me because he said I was writhing and twitching and saying "no, no, no, no," and when…"

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Age: 21
Date: November 23, 2005


I had an abortion 2 years ago, on a November 14. I clearly remember every bit of it as though it was yesterday. The extreme guilt and feeling of despair is like no other I have felt...I was 18 at the time in which I got pregnant and I as well as my boyfriend agreed that it was the best "choice". Well, it was not. It was the worst decision I could have ever made. Since the abortion, I was on…"

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Age: 20
Date: November 17, 2005

"Pictures are one thing, but the feeling of emptiness is terrifying! I had an abortion 1 week ago today! It is killing me inside! I was kind of pushed into it! I thought I'd be OK but I wasn't! I am now devastated! I always said I'd never have an abortion, but then I fell pregnant and I was scared! I'm 19 and my boyfriends 18, neither of us are financially secure so it would have been hard! But…"

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Age: 19
Date: August 16, 2005

"I have had an abortion. It was the worse thing I have ever done in my life. The abortion clinics made sure that their TV that shows a video conveniently didn't work. So I never saw the video that I was suppose to see. NOW...........after 3 years, I have bad dreams, depression, and always thinking about the child I killed for my own convince of just wanting to be single and not have to worry about…"

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Age: 33
Date: August 6, 2005

"On March 26, 1998 I had an abortion. I was in nursing school at the time and my husband and I were struggling financially. We had two boys already, and I was getting my nursing degree because I wanted to provide a better life for all of us... [At the clinic, my husband and I] were both counseled together. The counselor could see I was crying and upset, but all she said was, "You can have a baby…"

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Date: August 1, 2005

"I had an abortion 1 month ago. I will never forget that day, the worst day of the rest of my life. I cry myself to sleep every night thinking of my baby. There is nothing worse than the feeling that you killed your own child. I'm depressed everyday of my life and I'm on medicine for it. I have tried to kill myself. I have so much hate in my life, I don't even respect myself anymore. If you are…"

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Age: 22
Date: July 23, 2005

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