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Abortion Stories

Personal testimonies from women (and men) who have gone through an abortion.

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The unsolicited abortion stories on these pages have come to Abort73 through our online submission form. Though not all women regret their abortions, these stories demonstrate that countless women do.

"On February 23, 2016, I found out I was pregnant at 15—just three months before turning 16. I didn't know what to do. I was in shock! I didn't believe it. It couldn't be possible. Yes, I wasn't using protection for the last 6-7 months, I had thought I wasn't able to have kids or something. My baby's dad is 27 and has two other kids. I was in love with someone else my age. I was with my baby's…"

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Age: 16
Location: United States
Date: October 23, 2016

"On June 24, 2014, I found out that I was pregnant. I had been dating a Marine who had only a month left in the military. He was stationed in Jacksonville, NC. We decided to date, disregarding the questionable future that lay ahead of us. I was still in college at ASU in Boone, NC (where I still am); he was planning on returning home to Connecticut once he got out of the service. I was a Christian—but…"

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Age: 25
Location: Tennessee
Date: October 21, 2016

"It was April 1996. I found out I was pregnant with a man I loved. He was only 19. When we found out I was pregnant, he was all for it—then things changed. He decided he was too young and wanted me to abort my baby. Without thinking of the consequences and the guilt I would feel, I agreed. We did it in a hospital so no one knew why I was there. After the procedure I had so much regret. I cried…"

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Age: 42
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Date: October 20, 2016

"I met the father of my two older children in 2004. We dated for a very long time. In 2014, I wasn't happy anymore so I met someone else, had sex, and got pregnant. I was so scared about what the father of my other two kids was going to say. He is a great man; he said he would be there for me, but Satan kept whispering in my ear. I started thinking that my mom had four kids with one man, my father,…"

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Age: 24
Location: Minneapolis, MN
Date: October 18, 2016

"While separated from my significant other, I was involved with another man. My significant other was the father of my first child, and we’d been together for 12 years. We talked about reconciling and getting married, but a few days later I found out I was pregnant by the other man. I was heartbroken. I didn't want to bring a child into this situation. I never believed in abortion, and it hurt…"

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Age: 29
Location: Texas
Date: October 9, 2016

"I had an abortion a few weeks ago, and I regret it so badly!! I've been dating this guy for two years, and he and my mom convinced me to abort. Now I don't know what to do; I can't sleep at night. I have to take pills to fall asleep because all I think about is how I took my baby’s life! I thought everything would go back to normal because I've had a miscarriage before and felt fine afterwards.…"

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Age: 23
Location: California
Date: September 27, 2016

"[Abortion was] the worst decision I ever made. It all began when I started my career. I was so excited and enthralled in my new career that I worked so hard to obtain. During this time frame, my marriage of six years was shattered. There was no fixing what was destroyed for so long. My ex-husband and I had a 1-year-old baby boy, who is my life. Getting a divorce was what I wanted; it's inevitably…"

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Age: 28
Location: Hollywood, FL
Date: September 26, 2016

"I was 16, turning 17, when I found out I was pregnant. I was filled with many emotions. At points, I didn't want a child because I was in school—but still I wanted my child. I had figured out a way to have my child and still continue with school. When I told my mother, she couldn't believe me. She thought it was a joke. When I took the test to prove to her I was actually pregnant she looked…"

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Age: 17
Location: Barbados
Date: September 19, 2016

"I named my baby Isaiah Samuel. He died at my hands in 2004. Had I permitted him to be born, he would be 12 years old. The murder I committed will haunt me until the day I die. I killed him when he was 18 weeks gestation. I can see the doctor's eyes to this day. She had very kind eyes. The rest of her face was behind a surgical mask. The anesthesiologist had dark curly hair and his eyes were dead.…"

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Age: 43
Location: Washington State
Date: September 19, 2016

"In my early 20's, I married a military man who was about to be deployed overseas. I became pregnant; I had not heard much about abortion. My husband insisted on an abortion because it wasn't the right time to have a baby. He found a clinic; I didn’t know much about them. He drove to the front door and told me to go in and tell them what I wanted. He wouldn't stay. He said he would be back…"

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Age: 59
Location: OKC, OK
Date: September 17, 2016

"I had just broken up with my on-again-off-again boyfriend, who is very verbally abusive, when I found out I was 7 weeks pregnant. I felt so confused and didn't know what to do. I already had three children. I have been in court with the two father's of my three kids and didn't ever want to have a child brought up this way again. I was and still am dealing with children services because my ex…"

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Age: 28
Location: West Covina, CA
Date: September 12, 2016

"I have a child with special needs. While I am so thankful for him, his care causes me stress and worry all of the time. When I became pregnant again, I let fear and anxiety take over. I was afraid that I couldn't care for another child. I was afraid another baby would pull me away from my child who had additional needs. I was afraid the anxiety and depression would increase and I wouldn't be…"

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Age: 34
Location: New Jersey
Date: September 11, 2016

"I was normal, I mean as normal as needed to be an acceptable member of society. I was likable, tolerable, lovable. If all else failed, entertainment and humor helped me through the toughest times of my life. There’s nothing funny about abortion. I am very much ashamed to say I aborted my baby, and I’m paying for it with my life. I just figured that out, but my family made me do it…"

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Age: 35
Location: Santa Margarita, CA
Date: September 11, 2016

"I found out I was pregnant in June. I didn't know how to tell my mother, but I eventually did. She pretty much forced me into an abortion—and so did my partner. It’s like I had no choice. Every day he bothered me about it, hoping I still was going to have the abortion. I felt like I had no say in anything. I realize that I'm still young and have a lot to focus on—school, work,…"

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Age: 17
Location: Delaware
Date: September 7, 2016

"I was once happy. I had loving parents, friends who were always there for me, and a really cute and kind boyfriend who cared about me. My grades were excellent. I was seen as a responsible, hard-working person. My parents trusted me and were happy with everything I did. I am an only child. I set high standards for myself, so I would never show up as a disappointment to my ever so loving parents.…"

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Age: 18
Location: South Carolina
Date: September 2, 2016

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