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If you’d like to see this shirt reprinted, let us know by sharing this page. Use the tags: @abort73 #ViolenceAgainsttheSmall & #BringthisBack. Clubs or student groups may special-order these shirts for $15 each—with a minimum purchase of 24 shirts. Contact us for details.

Shirt Details

52% Cotton / 48% Polyestere. Consult the measurements below to determine the correct size:

  Length Width
28" 16-1/2"
29" 18"
30" 20"
31" 22"
32" 24"
33" 26"
size diagram

Design Explanation

The photos that these images derived from were taken by an anonymous photographer who purportedly took secret pictures of her abortion and posted them online. Her intention was to "demystify the sensationalist images propagated by the religious and political right on this matter." Lost in her celebration is the fact that the only reason early abortions don't look as gruesome as later abortions is because they destroy the tiny, unborn child so completely that there is no recognizable body left to photograph. Their bodies are shredded into oblivion. The photographer urges the public to "take," "use" and "share" her pictures. In that, Abort73 is happy to oblige.

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Violence Against the Small is Still Violence

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Violence Against the Small is Still Violence