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The Planned Parenthood Agenda

Not content with destroying innocent bodies; they go after minds as well.

The Planned Parenthood Agenda

Not content with destroying innocent bodies; they go after minds as well.

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Planned Parenthood has an entire website devoted to sexualizing America's youth while happily lifting the restraints of God, parents or marriage. They tout it as being ""values-free". In reality, it simply espouses those values which will help ensure that abortion remains an extremely lucrative business.

While Planned Parenthood clearly has a huge and profitable interest in selling abortions, it wouldn't be fair to say that this is their only concern. Like their founder before them, Planned Parenthood has also been long devoted to normalizing and stimulating all manner of sexual behavior, particularly among young people. It is fair to say that Planned Parenthood is aiming at the creation of a sexually-consumed society, without boundary and without restraint. You can come to this conclusion by studying the ideology of their founder, you can come to this conclusion by studying the historic publications of their organization, or you can come to this conclusion by simply examining their current website. It all points to one thing. Planned Parenthood is not just motivated by profit. They have a very clear ideological agenda, and it is not a nice one.

When Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger published her first newsletter Women Rebel, just after leaving her husband, "No Gods and No Masters" was emblazoned across the masthead. When she counseled her 16-year-old granddaughter at the end of her life, she told her that having sex "three times a day" was "just about right".1 Sanger's life, from start to finish, was all about casting off the constraints of God and marriage, and replacing these oppressive devotions with devotion to self and sex. Alan Guttmacher, former vice president of the American Eugenics Society, and the man who succeeded Sanger as Planned Parenthood president said this of the relationship between Planned Parenthood and their founder. "We are merely walking down the path that Mrs. Sanger carved out for us."2 Faye Wattleton, Planned Parenthood president during the 1980's concurred by saying she was proud to be, "walking in the footsteps of Margaret Sanger".3

Today, Planned Parenthood has an entire website devoted to sexualizing America's youth while happily lifting the restraints of God, parents or marriage. It is chalk full of cutesy cartoons and games and movies. It contains a "values-free" sextionary (instead of dictionary), and a massive archive of "Ask the Experts" feedback. Therein you will find the following wisdom. "The only person who can tell if you're ready to have sex is YOU!". Planned Parenthood is happy to usurp parental authority and be a go between for students seeking birth control and abortion. One student wrote in to say:

I'm ready for sex. I've got these condoms but I don't want to use them, I need some birth control pills. I would like to know [of a] place where I could get some without my parents finding out, or any other adult. Thanks for your time.

Planned Parenthood answers this way.

In general, parental permission is not needed for birth control. However, there may be certain locations where, for one reason or another, the provider will require parental permission. Confidentiality is up to the provider. Planned Parenthood health centers are committed to providing services that are confidential and affordable, especially for teens, who may face special family and financial circumstances. To find a Planned Parenthood health center near you, call 1-800-230-PLAN.

Translation: If you can't get birth control yourself, without parental consent, we'll get it for you. Another student asked, "is it bad to have sex every day?" Planned Parenthood responded:

No, it's not bad. Having a sex drive and being turned on are normal parts of sexuality. Some people have sex every day, and some people have sex much less often than that, or not at all. People have different levels of sex drives — some have higher drives and some have lower. Counselors consider a person to be having "too much sex" if their sex life interferes with the daily activities of their lives — getting to school, to work, meeting friends, etc. Not many people have that problem.

Elsewhere in their teen site, Planned Parenthood proclaims that, "it is normal and healthy to masturbate and have sex play with or without sex toys. Objects commonly used include sex toys — like vibrators and dildos — and other penis-shaped objects." On Planned Parenthood's general website you will find the following pro-sex, anti-abstinence council:

As to the moral constraints surrounding sex, Planned Parenthood proclaims:

Finally, Planned Parenthood chimes in on the "normalcy" of homosexuality and the "intolerance" of the church:

The dark side of all of Planned Parenthood's happy and adolescent-aimed sex-talk is that they often became a haven for predatory men who impregnate underage girls. ChildPredator.com documents Planned Parenthood's willingness to shirk the law and not report abortions that are the result of statutory rape. Abortion, after all, is the natural result of all of Planned Parenthood's sexual indoctrination. Where sex is encouraged and stimulated among the unmarried populace, abortion, en masse, naturally follows. Planned Parenthood's ideology, then, becomes very convenient to their financial bottom line. They feed the frenzy and then get paid to "clean up the mess". According to their own data, Planned Parenthood performed 200,000 abortions in 2000. During that same year, they referred for 2,500 adoptions. This means that for every adoption they referred, 80 abortions were performed. Ninety-eight percent of the women coming to them for counsel choose abortion rather than adoption. Does this sound like an agenda? It is no wonder they are criticized by the National Council on Adoption for being so one-sided in their services. Any honest and unbiased counseling would swing the results the other way, 80 adoptions for every one abortion. Only the most hardened and resolute mother would choose abortion over adoption if the evidence was clearly presented to her. If even one single picture was shown to her of what abortion would do to her child, the likelihood of her continuing through with an abortion become incredibly slim. This kind of counseling, of course, is not the Planned Parenthood way. If they gave you all the facts about abortion, your choice might suddenly conflict with their agenda, and that is a choice for which Planned Parenthood can't tolerate.

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